Susan Kroeger

          Susan Kroeger Limited is an icon of Chicago’s North Shore with a dynamic interior design business and thriving home furnishings store in the heart of the Hubbard Woods District on Green Bay Road in Winnetka, Illinois.

          Since opening her business in 1984, Susan’s 30 years of experience and referral based clientele have taken her across the country including Palm Beach, Naples, Boca Grand Island, Sanibel Island, Lake Geneva, New York City, Beverly Hills and Aspen.  In addition to designing interiors, Susan has a chic home furnishings boutique, "Susan Kroeger for the Home", which since 1998 has been celebrated for its unique blend of antiques, furniture, art and accessories all with a modern sensibility.

               The Susan Kroeger Ltd team has a keen understanding of scale and proportion, a passion for color and a respect for tradition. The results strike the perfect balance – between practicality, comfort and luxury. Always bustling with fresh ideas, Susan Kroeger Ltd is housed in an airy studio “above the store”, reflecting the vision and vitality of Susan herself. She has been published in numerous design magazines which has featured her creative work.

          Susan Kroeger Ltd provides comprehensive design services or “concierge services”, meaning…… we do everything! from space planning to inventorying all custom furnishings and accessories prior to final installation.  Services include design, accessorizing and art consultation. Our clients are investing in a team of experienced dedicated professionals that help clients make solid, confident choices.

          The opening of "Susan Kroeger for the Home", her decor accessory store grew out of the need to find just the right finishing touches and accessories for Susan’s design projects. Therefore it’s simply a collection of all the things she loves.   CS Magazine, in an article wrote “... guests will be speechless with - Susan Kroeger for the Home’s unique decor accessories."  Known for her brilliant use of  color, Kroeger adds new pieces daily with a variety of styles ranging from conservative to bold.” 

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